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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers

I was late picking up my child today and was charged $2 per minute! WHY?

After closing time, you will be charged late fees. Our facility late fee charge is $2 per minute per child after closing time. After 30 minutes of not being able to contact any emergency contacts listed on your child's account, we are to call CPS - requirement per Arizona State Law. 

Please be on time picking up your child(ren) and be aware of our facility hours. Also, please remember that our staff members have families and responsibilities outside of work as well. 

We also charge late fees to those who do not pay their monthly or weekly balances on time. Please keep in mind that if you have an outstanding balance with us, you may not leave your child at our facility.

We reserve the right to refuse service to customers with appropriate reasonings; Outstanding balances can/will be one of them. 

Does the Treehouse accept DES?

Yes we do! Have your caseworker contact us. Co-payments will apply. We also have scholarships available (limited space).

What's your staff to student ratio?

Infants: 1 staff member to 5 babies or 2 staff members to 10 babies 

One year old ratios: 1 staff member to 6 children or 2 staff members to 13 children 

Two year old ratios: 1 staff member to 8 children

Three year old ratios: 1 staff member to 13 children 

Four year old ratios​: 1 staff member to 15 children 

Five year olds and school age: 1 staff member to 20 students 

Ratios are posted throughout both of our facilities and are determined through the state. 

Do I have to bring food or drinks for my child and when will my child eat?

At the Treehouse we feed breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack. Meals are FREE of charge. You are more than welcome to bring your child his/her own meal, however, candy and fast food are not allowed and Treehouse meals will be offered first. 

At the Treehouse, we also have water fountains and water stations on site. Your child is welcome to bring their own cup, however, we are not liable for any lost or stolen cups. If your child brings a cup with them, please remember to take their cup home as well. If your child brings a cup with them, it will be filled with water while they're at our facility. 

Can I visit the school?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us about coming in for a tour.

When is nap time and does my child have to nap?

We offer nap time every single day following after lunch. If your child is enrolled full time or part time, they are not required to nap at this time, however, we emphasis that this is their quiet time to relax.

What is your center's approach when it comes to disciplinary action?

At our center, we have a wide variety of ages and many different backgrounds that come together in one place. Occasionally, behavioral issues do arise. When this happens, we may ask the child to separate from their peers. We will give the child three verbal warnings. After three warnings have been given, the child has been redirected and asked to make better choices, then the student(s) will be asked to sit out. The amount of time your child sits out varies depending on age (but is not to exceed 3 minutes). If the behavioral issues continue, your child CAN be written up. After being written up, your child may risk suspension. Some behaviors will lead to immediate suspension - this includes, but is not limited to, physically harming others including peers and/or staff members (some examples: hitting, kicking, punching, pinching and BITING to name a few), disrespectful behavior or words and disruptive behavior. 

We want our facility to be a place of comfort filled with memories. It is more than a place just for "babysitting"; it is an educational facility for children to grow and learn. Your child will be held accountable for their actions just as they are at any other public school and in the real world. 

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to refuse to anyone with appropriate reasoning.

What should I bring for my child when dropping them off?

We require that you bring diapers, wipes and suggest two extra outfits (Tip: don't forget the socks!). We do have extra clothes on site however, there is a limited amount. If your child does get a set of clothing from the Treehouse, we ask that they are washed and returned. 

Even if your child is not in diapers, we suggest you still bring an extra pair of clothes. Kids can be messy. Backups are always helpful! 

Can I stay with my child during their first visits?

As much as you love your little one(s) and want to keep an eye on them, we ask that you do not  stay with them. Leaving promptly after dropping your child off helps significantly when it comes to them adjusting to a new environment. This also helps other children that are first timers as well. We want to keep all the kiddos calm and happy as possible; but we also want to see them grow when it comes to their independence! 

If you are worried about your child during their visit, you are more than welcome to give us a call to check in on them. And remember, we do offer hourly care so you and your child can slowly adjust/transition to their new childcare environment.

Can my child bring his/her own toys? What about electronics?

We highly suggest that you keep your child's belongings at home. We have LOTS of toys and many activities to choose from. We are not liable for any belongings that get broken or are lost. 

Do you potty train?

We do provide support when it comes to potty training, however, it is not our responsibility to potty train your child for you. Potty training is a TEAM effort! Consistency is key - at the Treehouse and at home

After 2 accidents in one day, your child will be put back into a diaper/pull-up to avoid more accidents. Please keep in mind that if your child has a bowel movement that cannot easily be cleaned, their clothes will be discarded. It is unsanitary to store clothes covered in fecal matter.

We do the best that we can to remind our students who are potty training to use the restroom every 15 to 30 minutes but there will be times, children become forgetful when they're busy playing. Please be patient and understanding with us and your child through this process. 

There are 3 restrooms at our 4th Avenue site. Our Foothills facility has a restroom in the toddler room and 4 stalls for our 3-4 year olds. There are no age restrictions when it comes to children in diapers/pull-ups but please keep in mind that this will contribute to their room placement.

My child has an IEP, special needs or a disability. Can they still be a part of the Treehouse?

Absolutely! At the Treehouse, we do not discriminate. We will do the best to our ability to accommodate to your child and your family's needs. Please remember, we cannot help if we are unaware. If your child has an IEP, special need or (dis)ability, please let our Directors and childcare providers know.

What ages do you accept at your facility?

At our 4th Avenue Facility, we accept ages 1 (and confidently* walking) to 12. Our Foothills Facility allows infants through the age of 12. 

Confidently walking varies from student to student. We require that your child walks consistently and independently with no assistance. This is for fire evacuation purposes. Safety comes first!

The variety of ages we provide care for allows a unique environment where siblings can be near one another and whole families can be at one facility at the same time. An atmosphere like this allows children to have the opportunity to grow alongside one another through respect, kindness, encouragement and lead by example. 

Throughout the week, many of our older children arrive after school. At this time, the children are split up into different rooms in order to give them more age appropriate activities.

After school: Please keep in mind that the Treehouse Kids Club does not offer after-school tutoring services.

We can encourage your children to do their homework during the allotted homework block time, however, we are not capable of forcing them to do so nor will we enforce disciplinary action if they choose not to. Also, if your child tells us they do not have homework, we will trust that your child is being honest with us and allow them to read during homework time. 

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