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des certified 

We accept DES at the Treehouse. While every family is required to pay an annual registration fee based on the program their child(ren) will be a part of, families whose care is provided by DES/state assistance will have different daily copayment amounts. If you have questions about our required copayments, please contact us or your caseworker. 

quality first 

At the Treehouse, we strongly believe that every child learns through play, environmental interaction and social/emotional relationships. We work closely with Quality First and First Things First to continuously improve and maintain a child lead learning environment for our students. 



We are licensed through Arizona Department of Health Services. As a facility, we must pass random and annual inspections in order to keep our license and remain open. The health and safety of every student is our first priority.

usda meal program 

At the Treehouse, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two additional snacks throughout the day. 

All meals are included in tuition. Every family must have a meal program form filled out before attending and it must be updated annually. 

us customs and border protection

If your family is associated with US Customs or Border Protection, you may qualify for free childcare through FEEA Childcare Services. 


We have linked up with NAU allowing students attending class to have childcare covered using NAU's Childcare Voucher Program. 

Navy relief 

If you are volunteering with the Navy Relief Program, they will take care of your childcare expenses for you. If you have questions, please contact Navy Relief. 

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