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Student Admission

Registering your child with our facility is quick and simple!

The following is required for registration: 

  • Registration form 

  • Shot records 

  • Meal form (one per household) 

  • Registration fee. (hourly registration $15 or $40 per family; 
    full time/part time registration $150 per family)


*Meals are included in tuition*

While registration fees may vary depending on what program you choose,

all registration fees are due annually and are non-refundable.

Our 4th Avenue Facility accepts 1 (and walking**) up to 12 years of age

Our Foothills Facility accepts infants** up to 12 years of age. 


Walking as defined by State rules and regulations is a child that is walking confidently,

consistently and independently without out any assistance.

Your child must be able to walk for safety purposes (example: fire evacuation). 

While our Foothills location does have an infant room, please understand that there is a waitlist.

If you have any questions pertaining to availability for hourly drop-in care

or are wanting to add your child to the infant room waitlist, please contact us. 


Below you can find all the forms we require along with our Policies & Procedures

Ready to register your child? Simply click to link below, print the form, fill it out and bring it in along with your child's shot records! Please keep in mind that each child needs to have a registration form on file with the facility and you need at least  three emergency contacts listed (requirement per Arizona State Law).

If you have questions pertaining to our rules, policies and procedures, please review our Policies and Procedures brochure below or visit to access Arizona Childcare Facility Rules and Statues 

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