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The Treehouse is fully aware of the seriousness pertaining to the pandemic that is actively amongst us. We also understand the need for childcare for essential workers within our community.

While WE ARE STILL OPEN, some things may look a little different as we are going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our staff, your children and all the families that come through our doors. 

If you or any of your family members/friends that you have recently come in contact with are showing any symptoms of the virus, please do not enter our facilities or attempt to drop your child(ren) off. We are taking all signs of illness very seriously during this time and will not hesitate to call families to pick their child(ren) up. 

As a reminder, we are providing services to all families and are back to normal operation.  

Scholarships are available and we do accept DES. 

While our Virginia Dr. Facility is usually open on Saturdays, we have decided to temporarily change our hours.

We will be CLOSED on Saturdays starting June 27th, 2020. We will be using this day for deep cleaning and weekly preparedness. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

We plan on reverting back to our regular operational hours on July 31, 2020. 


If you have any questions pertaining to our daily operations, extra safety precautions we are taking, change in sanitation and routines and more, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Hand Hygiene



Considering we interact with children daily, our staff and students

 are constantly washing hands. However, we are now going above

and beyond also requiring any person who comes to either of our  

facilities to wash their hands at the hand washing stations

(located outside our lobbies) before entering. 

Cleaning Supplies



As required by state, a bleach mixture is used to sanitize all 

surfaces in our facilities throughout the day. We have been 

consistent with sanitizing all surfaces that staff and children come

in contact with throughout the day. 

Holding Thermometer


Due to known symptoms of COVID, we are doing temperature 

checks upon arrival and every two hours from there throughout 

the day. Every single staff member and child's temperature will 

be checked and documented daily. 

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